Turq Empire

The Turq Empire was the great Human Empire that once ruled the entire continent. The turqs ruled over all the races in the land, in a benevolent and democratic manner.

The Turqs forged relations with many of the other dominant races of the time, such as the Dwarves and the Elves, to mutual benefit.

All this came to an end when the Turqs were invaded from the south by Orcish Hordes. The Orcs were not interested in trade or learning, only with destruction and mayhem and slaughter. The Turqs and their allies were unable to stand before this in-human tide, and the Empire was laid waste.

To this day, no power has grown to the size of the great Turq Empire, and the lands once ruled over by the Turqs are reduced to petty princedoms, hamlets and abandoned wilds.

Turq Empire

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